Today, is exactly 30 days after March 8, an event dubbed as “political tsunami”. Malaysian political landscape is now changed forever. In fact many still reeling from the tsunami. Politicians in the ruling coalition (BN) still bickering, accusations still being thrown around, and the witch hunt just started. They still playing the blame game – to the point of accusing it own members as saboteurs.

They never learnt their lesson! Prior to the election certain BN politician even vowed “to make sure his opponent will lose his deposit”. He got what he deserved – kick out of parliament in a humiliating defeat. While PM reluctance to teach him a lesson – the voters did. Everybody seems to be wondering why he was made a minister in the first place.

If BN didn’t change their strategy and making the necessary re-adjustment – they will not be in power come 2020.

It’s all UMNO faults

The sentiments within BN component parties is clear enough for everyone to see. Gerakan, MCA, MIC see it was Umno’s fault. UMNO often treated them as unequal partners.

Across the South China Sea – the water may look calm on the surface, but below it – a strong current of resentment is brewing. The political tsunami may have spared Sarawak BN – but there is no guarantee it won’t hit Sabah and Sarawak shore come next general elections.

If UMNO ask them to go back to the same old BN model again, where Umno has more authority than them, they will reject it. Now it the opportunity for them to reform the party so that it will become more relevant not only to the Malays but also non-Malays in the country.

UMNO must be willing to move forward beyond it pro-Malay mindset and are giving the impression that they are not interested in taking care of others. UMNO should revolutionized itself to become a national party and hence to show the way forward.