As at today, at least 10 Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) divisions have conveyed their rejection of Assistant Minister in the Chief’s Minister Department Larry Sng remaining as the party member. This is following Masing statement couple of days ago – leaving it to PRS grassroot members to decide Sng’s future in the party.

Dato’ Sri James Jemut Masing seemed to have learnt his lesson. The sacking of senior Sng’, Sidi Munan, Chua, and co. that triggered leadership crisis in the party during the 18 months ago was partly his own fault. Many felt that It was done hastily, without proper consultation with grassroots members.

Thus, Masing can’t afford to repeat the same mistake twice, as ROS will unlikely giving him another chance. The shocking defeat of BN especially UMNO – was a blessing in disguise for PRS. It would be unwise for the PM to de-register a BN component party at a time when he needed their support the most.

De-registering PRS will risk rocking the boat and further destabilize his own government. Sarawak contributed 30 parliamentary seats of the 140 BN won and 7 of those seats are from PRS. The opposition especially PKR would be more than happy to have one of Dayak biggest names in Masing at their camp!