A survey done by Malaysia Insider shows majority of the Malays (or 63%) still in favor of Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi to continue leading the country despite his government dismal performance in recent election.

However, the none Malays in particular the Chinese and Indian think otherwise. The Chinese voters gave him an approval rating of only 31 percent, one percent more than the Indian at 30 percent. His overall approval rating was slightly above 50 percent mark.

Ironically, the poll outcomes seem to mirror the result of recent election – where the ruling BN coalition only managed to get 48 percent of the popular votes. As Tun Mahathir cynically said “without doubt, a big win. Only 8 seats away from two third majority in parliament”.

However, the site didn’t disclose the details of method they used – except merely said more than 1,000 registered voters were polled between March 14 and 21.

Regardless the poll, the fact remains the same. Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi is running out of time to slow the tide of diminishing non-Malays voters support for his leadership and government. He is also facing declining support from his own party and the Malays.

He dismissed Mahathir’s repeated calls for him to resign. But this time, he simply can’t ignore it. Last Saturday meeting of the Johor Umno liaison committee, the state’s highest policy making body, resolved that Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi should step down.

Trying to make the call a little softer, Johor UMNO said “…it would be in a manner that should not humiliate him in any way”.

However, he will be officially informed of the decision tomorrow during his tour of duty to the state by Johor Menteri Besar himself. I think he’s prepared for it as he often says ‘tell me the truth” – so the truth must be told. Johor UMNO is lobbying for him to quit.