The recent so called “political tsunami” that swept away 5 peninsula states from Barisan Nasional to the Barisan Rakyat inevitably have changed the political climate of Malaysia forever.

It is now warmth and fresher. Just hope that it will last at least until the next election in 2009. Losing four industrialised states, also the economically advanced states in Malaysia to opposition parties proved to be too much to bear for the Barisan Nasional.

Last week – they terminated an existing tourism MOU with all these states, then loudly declared Barisan Nasional is a fair government and government for every Malaysians.  No one knows why. Perhaps it doesn’t benefit this fella the same way the multi-million UK sport complex does!

The new state governments have uncovered a lot of things lately. Here is the latest discovery.

Former members of the Seberang Perai Municipal Council are going out of the way to be “open” about how they blew over RM200 million in seven years. Some are bending backwards to explain why its deposits dropped from RM229 million in 2000 to just 25.6 million last year.

There are more to come of course. Just come back and check out this section often.