The so call “political tsunami” that swept four Malaysia riches states away from the ruling coalition BN may have been receding but the impacts only started to be felt within Umno. As a formal NST, Bernama veteran journo and now active blogger said;

The momentum for change seems to be very strong, and it moves very fast too. The groundswell that is felt on the ground is mounting and many voices are heard demanding change. I doubt if anyone in the party hierachy can stop the call for change, given the continous statements of denial from some top leaders.

The grassroot leaders have had enough, and they are now launching their own internal tsunami. Which explains why the Kedah and Penang chiefs are demanding their state liaison chief and deputy to vacate their positions. It looks like Umno members have their own version of makkal shakti!

The party big shots currently busy travelling all over the country to try to calm peoples.

The PM was yesterday at Johor Bahru meeting Umno divisional leaders in the state who were rumored to have passed a resolution asking him to resign. But, instead of telling him the way those in Kedah and Penang did.

They did it the Johor way – subtle and with caveat. “We will support you – but we need to know your plan of succession”.

It was a victory of sort for the PM. He managed to dissuade the calls by several state Umno liaison committees for him to step down, by reiterating that he would only withdraw once he had resolved all the party’s internal problems and had regained the people’s confidence in the party.