Entertaining a wild thought. Is there a possiblity of Umno president, Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi of not getting enough vote to contest the top post in the party upcoming election?

I like to think so. Last Wednesday there were banners erected near Sheraton Subang by so call “Gabungan Ahli Umno Selangor” in favor of Najib and Muhyiddin to lead the party instead of him and current deputy.

In the grassroots level, Umno ground continue to swell, prompted “apple polishers” in the party black out the news and issue statements after statements in show of support for the president. Afraid of being outdone by fellow Umnoputras – this guy issued his here.

Unfortunately, PM believes these “apple polishers”. Hence, his insistent to continue with the quota system at least in the upcoming Umno election unaware that it is a double edge knife. If the current situation continues, there is a real possiblity that he won’t garner enough votes to contest the top post.

Abdullah is not helping himself by leaving it to his deputy Najib, the task of meeting grassroots leaders when he’s the one who needs their support the most.