As highlighted by a blogger couple of days ago, 29 member of parliaments including seven from Sarawak failed to submit their questions to parliament recently. What amazed me, is that some of them were former ministers, deputy ministers seasoned MPs.

If the new MPs can get away with answers such as “I didn’t know the procedures” etc, those who have been in parliament for 20 years definitely can’t. For whatever the reasons they gave – they’ve betrayed the rakyat trust on them and also that of the Prime Minister who has chosen them to represent Barisan Nasional.

Datuk Haji Wahab bin Haji Dolah – Igan
Datuk Wahab won the Igan parliamentary seat without contest during last March 8 election. Since he won the seat without contest he probably thought, he can skip the ‘question and answers” session in parliment.

Billy Abit Joo – Hulu Rejang
Billy Abit Joo – have been Hulu Rejang MP for 20 years now. If he can get away during the 20 years of his tenure as MP for Hulu Rejang, there is no reason why he can’t this time.

The fact that the Kayan, Kenyah, Punan, Penan, Iban and other in Hulu Rejang constituency continue to elect him shows that he had served them. But kinda pity those who have put their trust in him and being repaid in this manner.

Hulu Rajang is one of the least developed area in Sarawak. To get to Long Jawe for example took two days long boat ride. There is no way to know whatever happen in the outside world in this remote place.

Ding Kuong Hiing – Sarikei.
Typical of any BN reps. During his campaign Ding promises all sort of things – including setting up of Tunku Abdul Rahman College in Sarikei. However, when it comes to performing his duty as MP – “aiyoo…forgot la”. Well Ding, you can get away this time, we know you’re busy lobbying for TARC.

Dato’ Dr James Dawos – Mambong
Just like Tiki, James Dawos didn’t think the Bidayuh has any question to ask. They don’t have representation in cabinet – who care? Bidayuh didn’t care only Tiki does.

Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe – Mas Gading
The only matter to this guy is that he is in the cabinet. He went on revolt recently over his dismissal – trumpeting the Bidayuh have been betrayed and sidelined. Perhaps, still being bitter about the whole thing he decided the Bidayuh shouldn’t ask any questions anymore.

Dato’ Sri Muhammad Leo Michael Toyad Abdullah – Mukah
Rumor to be next TYT of Sarawak, therefore he can get away with it. Anyway, there is nothing Mukah ever need it didn’t have. A university, a SCORE, including the Chief Minister of Sarawak!

William @ Nyallau Anak Badak Lubuk Antu.
This guy seems to have forgotten the “Antu” at lubuk Antu once he elected. Kick him out comes next election would you antu.