Have you seen Chief Ministers and Menteri Besars in flying an economy class when meeting the people before? Frankly, I’ve not seen one. Many of our VVIPs will only be flying with several people in tow!

Thank God. After the recent political tsunami, that swept four Malaysia’s most industrialised states away from Barisan Nasional, now we can have new breed of VVIPs that care save the “duit rakyat’ by flying alone, and in a cheaper way. However it would be too much asking them to fly AirAsia – as flight delay simply unbearable.

Last Wednesday popular singer Ning and and her manager Vernon Kedit-Jolly last were in the same flight with Penang Chief Minister Mr. Lim Guan Eng. They were kind of surprise to see that he was not only flying alone and but also sitting in an economy class flight from Kuala Lumpur to Penang!

“Ning and I really felt honoured. But we felt more surprised that the Chief Minister of a state was travelling all by himself like any normal rakyat jelata” But the biggest surprise in store for us was yet to come.

“As usual, we sat in First Class. I expected the CM to be seated somewhere in front of us but then I realised he wasn’t in First Class. Where did he disappear to???

“I popped my head round the curtain that veils First Class and Economy Class and guess who I saw sitting in the front row seat of Economy quietly reading the newspapers?” Vernon wrote in his blog.

I hope BN YABs will be following Lim’s footstep – especially now when everything cost twice as more than it was before.