I didn’t see the inaugural “Blog” programme over RTM 1 with Kadir Jasin – one of Malaysia’s to political bloggers.

However, from various comments posted on the net – it was viewed as a disappointment of sort. Perhaps people were disappointed because of the limited time allocated for the programme. There is nothing much you can do in a 15 minutes programme!

On the choice of host

I tend to agree with Gaman assertion that RTM is already in the right step towards creating an understanding of openness. But rather dismay at the attitude of the the host, who seems to be suffering from “anti-blog” mentality inflicted by his former boss.

Part 1 – The Blog RTM 1

Part 2 – The Blog RTM 1

Part 3 – The Blog RTM 1

RTM could have got better qualified or someone more familiar with blog. How can they get someone who isn’t a blogger to host a programme about blogging.

“saya juga penulis blog… saya “rasa” saya penulis blog” kinda person. I think Raja Petra, Kadir Jasin or Datuk Johan Jaafar would be a more suitable host.

Let’s see if RTM dares to bring former premier Tun Mahathir, who is now a blogger himself on the programme?