Here are some of the simple solutions that our Agriculture and Agro-based minister suggested Malaysians should do to cope with increase in rice prices.

  • Don’t eat rice too often – like four times a day. He said this was important in view of people in this country, especially in Kelantan and Terengganu, having too much food that some were eating rice four time a day.
  • Plant greens (including rice?) in your backyard and schools to have their fields growing greens. This remind us of Sanusi Junid who once suggested Kedahan to plant rice on their rooftop, when he was their Menteri Besar.

The happy faces of Semai kids having their lunch.

In Bintulu, people already anxious of the impending increase in rice prices. In a supermarket yesterday, I saw people have been carrying more rice bags than usual. I hope we still have enough rice stock available in Bintulu, tomorrow.

Seriously. Anything can happen. The government said there will be no increase in local rice price – but in Kedah our very own rice bowl, price rises as much as 40 percent as reported in our local dailies.