I was so frustrated yesterday as I have to rush from one shop to another just for copy of “The Star” but still didn’t get one. So this morning I decided to write to it CEO Datuk Wong Chun Wai and complaint about it. I also posted a comment in his blog here. However I sensed he might not published the comment, hence I share it here.

Although, I do want to comment what was posted above but, there is another thing that bother me most. Yesterday, I was rushing from my house to one of the only two “shops” that sell The Star in Bintulu hoping to get a copy. Unfortunately when I reached the shop at 4.05 PM (they told me it will arrive at 3.45 and the shop owner asked me to come back around 4.00) it already sold out.

I asked him why did he sold limited copies? He said the Star didn’t sell that many in Bintulu and that your company policy unlike local dailies – didn’t allow them to return unsold copies. To avoid losses they bought limited copies.

Although it makes business sense to sell less and make higher profit by “mark up” the price, but what about social responsiblity? In Bintulu The Star and NST selling price is not RM1.80 as suggested but RM2.00. I don’t know how much it the margin of profit if they sell it at the suggested price, however I’m sure there is already some ‘element’ of profit in that RM1.80 price.

I’m sure if The Star just like local dailies allow newstand to return unsold copies – it readership will be expanding in Bintulu. Bintulu is just like Miri, have sizable number of expatriates, people from “Melaya” as we call those from peninsula here who have been reading Star and NST back home.

The local dailies content is a disappointment. They published more foreign news than local news – for example Eastern Times. Local news basically only occupied page 1 to 4 of the dailies. The rest of the pages are news uploaded from online sources namely AP, REUTERS, BERNAMA, AFP etc.

I hope Datuk consider this matter seriously. Sorry to spam your blog with comment like this. I have nowhere to complaint. I’ve contacted your senior writer in Miri to publish my comment but he said – it has no news “value”

I hope Chun Wai would hear my plea.