True, some of the things circulating in the blogosphere just cannot be taken as the whole truth even half truth.

Readers should take some efforts to verify information presented to them in web portals, email and blogs.

Above letter, is a perfect example – purportedly from former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to Ehud Barak seeking cash to fund UMNO 1999 General Elections.

In return for Israeli favor, Malaysia would granted “unlimited” US military bases in the country, the letter said.

It’s cannot be Mahathir said blogger Susan Loones.

Well, many would agree with her. The alleged letter unlikely to be from Mahathir.

The letter is stamped confidential, purportedly from the Prime Minister’s Department, dated 16 August 1999, and addressed to Ehud Barak, was circulating in the internet for while already.

Anyway the letter is already out in public domain – so it really up to Tun Mahathir to refute its content!