Sabah is finally getting the attention its needed. Pak Lah was reported to swing into action immediately after Ghapur speech in Parliament yesterday knowing very well that his own position might be in danger if he didn’t.

Although Ghapur, Shafie and Dompok were a little tactful. Teck Lee, SAPP president is more daring and openly gave the PM an ultimatum to meet their demand or it will be “merdeka’ (from BN) comes august.

Trying to alministers in Abdullah cabinet today quash talk of defections – but the smile in Shafie Apdal face tell it all. He didn’t deny Sabahan is being marginalised by federal government.

“I do not deny there is unhappiness on the ground. But I am here to serve the people and what is more important, we deliver development and security to them.

“Whatever positions the Prime Minister wants to give, that is his prerogative,” he said.

Will PM listen to Sabahan plights?