There is probably a million TKI (Tenaga Kerja Indonesia) or Indonesians workforce (both legal and illegal) in Malaysia currently. Many of them employed as cheap labor in the construction, estates and the service industry.

Susi (left seated) and Fung Fung (right work as waitresses at Marrybrown ParkCity Mall, Bintulu.

In Bintulu, more than half of them found their way into estates and factories within the town vicinity. While, those with better education, qualification prefer to work in our local restaurants and cafes.

“It’s a much better working environment than in a factory or oil palm estate” quipped Susi who work at Marrybrown ParkCity Mall as waitresses with another fellow Indonesian Fung Fung.

We befriended them today while having lunch at Marrybrown. They were talking in a Chinese dialect we never heard before. Out of curiosity, we politely asked them where they from? We chatted for a while and before leaving the fast food restaurant, I took their photos.

“Please give us the photos or put them in the ‘internet’ asked Fung Fung.

I told them to search for it at or “wei wei wei dot bintulu dot org” as they call it, where they can download it later for printing or whatever they wanna do with it.

The main entrance of Bintulu newest and biggest shopping mall yet – the ParkCity Mall

They seem to enjoy their work at the restaurant and were friendly too. When asked how much they were paid. They just smiled. Upon coaxing, Fung Fung said “we earn just enough to cover food and accommodation – with a little extra for other things”

Malaysia is short of haven for these Indonesian labor force – as they often earning twice as more here than in their home country. It’s a risk many of them seen worth taking.

Marrybrown fast food restaurant is located at the door step of Bintulu newest all suites hotel – the New World Suites