In an interesting study done in UK found that banning office workers from using the internet for personal use could actually be hitting productivity because staff need a break to help reduce stress, according to a new report.

The popular notion is that employees waste time on the Internet, but this research dispels such notion.

It found that taking a 10-minute online break during the course of the working day helps reduce stress and results in a more happier workplace.

A study of 1,700 employees by computer games firm PopCap Games showed that people felt refreshed if they had an “ebreak” during the working day.

Most of those questioned said they would rather spend some free time surfing the internet to unwind rather than having a cigarette or tea break.

The report said that taking five minutes off to make a cup of tea was accepted, but using social websites was frowned upon.

Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic of London’s Goldsmiths University, who helped with the research, said: “Tea breaks and fag breaks have long been the most common types of break within office culture but the report shows that ebreaks are fast becoming the most popular choice of break for British workers.

“The report proves that a 10 minute ebreak a day can have significant benefits but, despite this, many bosses are banning them in the fear that they distract employees.

“By factoring in a dedicated slot for an ebreak bosses are fostering a more trusting working environment, boosting productivity and ultimately increasing their profit which surely makes good business sense.”