Couple of years ago, a prominent professor of Sarawak origin jokingly said to me. “Dayak politicians dirt cheap. If you offer them RM200,000 they will switch party”.

He was commenting on the trend of Dayak politicians who stood as independent candidates during election, then, after they won they jump ship – apparently after being offer ‘bonuses’ to the new party.

“Do you think they jump ship for free.” he asked jokingly.

Money is still a factor why Dayak wants to be YBs (Yang Berhormat). The Dayak are poor lots and so are their politicians. To get out of the circle of poverty many hope to be given the opportunities to become YB preferably with a ruling party.

Jumping ship for RM200K or more is already considered a windfall, as many of them are ordinary government servants whose income barely enough to cover living expenses.

“Being a YB carries few privileges – more contracts, more rent-seeking opportunities. Serving the rakyat is probably the last things that these YBs want to do. This basically explained why you only see them visiting longhouses in their constituencies when election comes,” – he explained.

Although he meant to be joking, but there are some truth. If not why do you think one would run “riot” for being dropped from a deputy minister.