On June 6 – I brought a few friends visiting Kidurong Tower. My wife wrote something about the tower (in Malay) here. The tower situated next to Petronas MLNG Complex, is about 20 meter tall. It offers the panoramic view of the world biggest liquefied natural gas (LNG) processing plan.

On my first trip to the tower last month, I saw rubbish being thrown indiscriminately on the tower platform and it surrounding area. The two rubbish bin placed near the tower already full with rubbish. I thought local BDA would empty the bins anytime on the weekend.

However on my second trip on June 6, together with few friends, I saw the rubbish bins have yet to be emptied. One of my friend jokingly said “someone who supposed to empty these bins have gone for a long holidays,”.

I was rather embarrassed because there a few foreigners there too. Immediately upon reaching home I wrote an email to BDA. Today I received a brief replied from them here;

Thank you for your email. I have forwarded your mail to the relevant
officers for further action. If you do not receive any feedback from
our officer(s), please kindly remind me so that I can follow-up.

I would certainly do a follow in a week time. Bintulu is aspiring to be an Industrial Friendly City by 2020.