Got the chance to explore this part of Kidurong area last week together with my wife and a friend.

We set off to the place after our breakfast – at about 10.30 am. I’ve heard of the place before, but it was only yesterday, that I decided to put my shoes on to discover it.

Unlike the Tanjung Batu trekking area, there is no proper starting point nor trekking trail available yet at this place yet. Therefore, you have to make your own trekking trail through the thick forest.

Bintulu Hidden Garden. Not many aware of it existence – in fact no one really believe there is a place like this in Tanjung Kidurong.

Where to start?

However, the ideal starting point is the traffic light near Kidurong MLNG housing area.

Just above the traffic on your right (from Medan Jaya) there is a small clearing and a path going up the hill. You can start trekking the jungle by walking straight following path.

A few meters into the path, you will stumble upon a thriving squatter colony.

I came to know of the squatter existence couple of months ago. However many of them have been squatting in the area for more than 8 years.

Beyond the squatter area – you can make your own trekking trail. There is no proper trail beyond the area.

However, don’t worry about getting lost while trekking the jungle as you can always find you way out.

The area is surrounded by busy road at every direction ie. Kidurong and the Nyabau road.

Refreshing! After an hour trekking the jungle we found a stream and decided to take a dip into it.

According to those living in the area – to trek the whole jungle would take 6 hours.

However, we decided not to trek the whole area, instead we choose to follow stream until it sources. It took us almost an hour to reach the uppermost of the stream.

I bet not many of us aware of this place – even a friend who has been living in Kidurong for the last six years admitted to have never been there herself.

BDA (Bintulu Development Authority) should have developed the area as a recreational park.

Please check the photo gallery for photos of the area