After the twenty-four hours marathon download, over 7 Million downloads were made for Firefox 3 worldwide. That about two million more than Mozilla initial target of five million! We’re still waiting for the confirmation from the Guinness World Record, if the 7 millions downloads is a world record. When Opera 9.5 was launched on June 5, it had 4.7 million downloads in its first 5 days.

Bintulu.Org look like using Firefox 3

Surprised! Vietnam a relatively unknown country in the IT circles – (they don’t have Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) like us in Malaysia) downloaded 33,863 FF3 compare to Malaysia 27,156!

The only developed nation in the South East Asian region and also the most advance in term of IT infrastructure, Singapore contributed 27,397 downloads, followed by Philippines 26,201, Thailand 23,894 and Indonesia 19,775.

Unlike Internet Explorer, Firefox is often associated security, speed and ease of use and often use by IT professional, tech savvy users. Here’s the rundown of the rest:

Vietnam – 33,863
Singapore – 27,397
Malaysia – 27,156
Philippines – 26,201
Thailand – 23,894
Indonesia – 19,775

Figure compiled by Yuga

How to customize your Firefox 3
One of the reasons why Firefox matters to power users is that it is easy to customize. You don’t like the slightly big back button? – Don’t worry you can shrink it back. Miss the ‘awesome bar’ get it back.

Here is power user’s guide to Firefox 3