Hassan Merican is probably feeling the ‘heat’ now that the fourth floor guys are looking for scapegoat for their blunder in advising PM to hike fuel prices recently. Hassan is being targeted although he had done a good job in steering the oil company for the past few years.

Remember KJ recently called for Petronas to make it account accessible to public scrutiny . But Che Det who said his job as Petronas Advisor is nothing more than a post box – sensed something when this SIL made the call.

Certain members of Parliament are focusing on Petronas, apparently trying to divert attention from Government over the thoughtless increase in oil prices. If I am not mistaken this is a prelude to appointing a 4th floor candidate as head of Petronas as they did when removing Tengku Mahaleel of Proton

Che Det believes it is also an attempt to blame him for ‘advising’ the Government on removing the subsidy. These greedy guys apparently want a share off the billion dollars in Petronas coffer!

Doom doom … be prepared for more hike once they got into Petronas.