Yoo Ye-eun, born blind and has no formal musical training is creating a wave of sensation on Youtube with here uncanny ability.  The five old blind girl only need to listen to a song just once then reproduce it perfectly on the piano.

Her ability attracted thousand of people around the world including Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong who invited her to play in front of him. Ye-eun YouTube video is now one of the most watched on the site – attracting more than two millions views at the time of this post.

New report said she was bandoned at birth but was adopted by a wheel-chair bound man and his infertile wife in South Korea, where her story and talent have made her a household name. Her family says she was given an old piano by a neighbour and at the age of three, surprised her parents by suddenly playing a Korean song that her mother loved to sing.

Her parents then started playing different pieces of music for her from the internet, and said they were shocked to discover that she could play every tune after hearing it. She has ever since won a three million won cash prize on a popular Korean television talent show “Star King”.