Anwar is getting his first appearance on local TV – albeit on the less popular Channel 9 (Klang valley only), Astro and online portal. Their debate will center on fuel issues and held at Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) at 9pm today. is hosting the “Form the government today, reduce fuel prices tomorrow” debate will be one person each on the panel – very much similar to the US presidential election-type debate. DBP chairman Datuk Johan Jaafar will be the moderator in front of a 200-strong audience.

In a statement issued last night, his office said Anwar will explain “his vision for the nation and how he plans to reignite the economy which has lagged under the Barisan Nasional government”.

“The government’s policies seem haphazard and inconsistent. Billions are lost to corruption and inefficiency and the people are told that they must pay,” the statement said.