The Agong may not come to his rescue this time. Datuk Ahmad Said the new Terengganu MB is in a hot seat in trying to defend his decision buy Mercedes Kompressor as reported recently.

In another twist of the event, Proton today said there is no warranty claims have been made since October 2004 on the Proton Perdana V6 that the Terengganu state government claimed to have spent more than RM100,000 to repair.

In a statement issued Wednesday, Proton’s corporate communications division said the car was purchased in May 2004, and that Proton would seriously look into the matter to find out details of its service history.

It added that this was so Proton could provide the necessary assistance on the matter. The statement also said changing the gearbox of the Proton Perdana V6 could be avoided if the car was sent for regular and scheduled services at authorised centres fitted with original parts.

“Cars would generally perform up to expectations and be less susceptible to problems if they are properly cared for and handled with good driving habits.”