Tony Leung and Carina Lau at their wedding ceremony in Bhutan. (Reuters)

Tony Leung married long time companion Carina Lau in a lavish wedding party at the luxurious Uma Paro Hotel in Bhutan. They released one of their wedding photos on Sunday, a day before the Hong Kong couple’s much-discussed wedding in Bhutan.

The hotel was heavily guarded on request of the couple who wanted a peaceful, paparazzi free wedding. Leung’s management company said that on Friday, hotel security removed at least eight journalists who had entered the premises of the Uma Paro, the International Herald Tribune reported.

Meanwhile, most of the 80 or so guests have arrived in Bhutan. Celebrity guests include filmmaker Stanley Kwan, actress Brigitte Lin, and former pop diva Faye Wong and her actor husband, Li Yapeng. Award-winning film director Wong Kar-Wai is in charge of planning the wedding.

Tony Leung, 46, and Carina Lau, 42, have been together for 19 years.