Thomas Beatie – probably first ever known pregnant man in the world and his baby Susan is doing fine a week after delivery.

In an interview with People magazine Beatie described his daughters’ personality as “easygoing and mellow and intelligent.”

Susan Juliette was born on June 29 at 8:55pm weight 9lbs., 5 oz. Beatie 34, is a former female beauty pageant contestant making cultural history as perhaps the first legally transgender male to give birth.

Beatie told People that despite published reports, the baby was not born via Caesarean section, but did not give any other information about the birth.

His wife Nancy, 46, was unable to bear children since she’d had a hysterectomy.

Beatie became pregnant using donor sperm and artificial insemination.

“I opted not to do anything with my reproductive organs because I wanted to have a child one day,” he told Oprah Winfrey during an April interview.

Nancy said she inseminated him with a syringe using sperm purchased from a bank.

Both father and daughter came through the birth in perfect health.

“I weigh two pounds less than I did before I got pregnant,” adds Thomas. “And I don’t have a single stretch mark!”

At home, the couple is adjusting to their new nightly schedule: Nancy breastfeeding (by induced lactation, a process using hormones and physical stimulation with a breast pump) and Thomas keeping company while watching TV.