I am here in Bintulu for the third year already (I am a student of UPMKB btw). I could still remember *reminiscing two years back*, when I was on the Air Asia’s planes which will be arriving at Bintulu Airport minutes later , looking out from the little window, I saw dense of greenery (read rural area).

I murmured,” greenery is good for eyes what.” Do not ask me why I said that. Maybe I was trying to be strong. Maybe I wanted to show my parents who flew over with me that I will be having a great time here. Maybe I was just simply consoling myself.

While I was on the UPM’s coach with other freshmen on our way back to the campus, ‘Oh My God!’ was the first phrase that uttered from my mouth. Obviously I was not in a delirium of joy. I was in a motley feeling of surprised, down, gloomy, disappointed… It was only the first few minutes I touched down Bintulu, how am I going to survive the next four years here? I wondered.

And for the first week, tears will automatically tickle down my cheek when I was singing uni’s anthem/eating/showering. The voice/crowd/water camouflaged my tears very well I would say as no one notice I was weeping. It was really tough for me during the transition period. Every semester break is what I longing for.

Because it’s time when I can fly back to home sweet home J. It is a time when I can have yummy cendol (greenish strips dessert in coconut milk with gula Melaka topping), a time when I can cuddle mommy out for free shopping and a time when I can have yamcha session with my gang to update each other with what’s happening.

Look now, 2 years had sailed by smoothly (phew!). I was reluctant to be a frog at the bottom of a well here. I told myself, since I am already here, why not make full use of it? So I am constantly out looking for a place to dine/visit/shop/have fun/waste time. I am glad to say that I found some gems (which I will blog later) in Bintulu itself.

Places where I refresh my mind (temporarily) from piles of assignments and tests. Places where I treat myself after scoring good grades. Places where I chill at night to bond with my gang. Places where we travel during short breaks.

I just cannot wait to share with you guys more J