Iranian born bikini model Niki Ghazian confessed to have steamy night together with Cristiano Ronaldo while the star footballer was nursing his injury in LA. In Niki own words;

“He’s the hottest thing to hit town for ages. All night there was a mob of hot girls surrounding him—but I could feel his eyes on me,”

“I was wearing a hot pink very short dress and knew I looked good. And as I walked up to him and said hello I could feel every girl in the club giving me the evil eye they were so jealous.

She also told NOTW how socialite Paris Hilton came into the club and tried to push her way into Ronaldo’s party. “She plonked herself down by his side, and started talking to him while practically pushing her boobs into his face.

“But Cristiano turned his back on her and continued to give me the eye. Paris was so embarrassed she got up and quickly ran away.”

Christiano Ronaldo may have a sexy new girlfriend but his ex is still intent on showing what he’s missing out on.