No doubt the smelter in Simalajau will create jobs for thousand of peoples in Sarawak in general and Bintulu in particular.  But are we ready for the risk associated with the plant? Don’t trust every words that this guy spit out of his mouth for goodness sake.  Trust these findings instead;

“Since the late 1970s, scientists have correlated elevated bladder cancer rates in smelter potroom workers. In 1989, Alcoa told an Australia newspaper that it “emphatically rejects” any such risk for smelter workers. In the Associated Press Friday 17th December 1999.

  • Alcoa warned thousands of past and present employees that they may face a greater risk than previously believed of developing lung and bladder cancer. Symptoms take 15-20 years to manifest.
  • Three times as many miscarriages and more than sixteen times as many birth defects as elsewhere.
  • Bones are malformed.
  • Cancer, heart disease and artery problems runs between 2-8 times higher as elsewhere.
  • Doctors noted high rates of anemia, irritability, rashes diabetes, high blood pressure, respiratory and thyroid disease. Joint and bone disorders.
  • Teachers stated that students appeared to be suffering from chronic fatigue and complained of aching legs muscles.” .

Sarawak population is barely more than 2 million and is it worth to sacrifice 5,000 plus of our people to the above risk? Further info – suggest you to read “The effects of aluminium smelting plant to Sarawak