Deputy Prime Minister Najib that Saiful met before went public with the ‘sodomy’ charges against Anwar, today gave a hint.

He said “there were ways to solve problem without having to bring it to the people, specifically the Permatang Pauh voters”.

Now what problem is Najib talking about? The sodomy charges against Anwar? Did Najib hint that the problem can be resolved without going to the court?

However it’s good to know that Najib admitted it is going to be a tough fight at Permatang Pauh once the by election held anytime from now.

Barisan Nasional is bracing for another humiliating defeat to PKR. Anwar thumping win at Permatang Pauh will surely have an impact, perhaps it will convince some BN mp to cross over? He is already testing his first missile and the second is to launched in six weeks.