Food to me is an essential nutrition source which supplies energy enabling me to perform daily tasks energetically. Food that I miss the most back in Semenanjung (peninsula Malaysia) are Filet-O-Fish from McDonald, Gardenia Breakthru, Jonker Street’s famous cendol, and of course not forgetting mom’s cooking.

Cereals + milk = perfect combo to kick start the day!

Back home, I have no worry about my meals because my mom is the one who always crack her head to think hard what to cook for us. Here, I have no one by my side who can cook me meals. I am the one who need to crack my head to think really hard what to have for lunch and dinner (doh, as if there’s numerous choices!)

My typical lunch

I am a poor student who survives on PTPTN so I cannot afford to dine out often. Thus, having meals in campus is a ritual. It has nothing fancy to long for. What you can expect is spicy, fried, half-cooked veggies, oily, limited choices of dishes, and expensive. But I can see they are making an effort to improve in terms of price and food quality.

During weekdays I have no choice to eat mundane meals like the above. So I always make it a point to get my butts off from the campus during weekend. My friends and I are always glad to find some place which serve yummy food at a very reasonable price.

Toothsome food that I manage to discover in Bintulu (will write the review on them later). Stocking up snacks in our room is a ritual for us as student especially when exams approach. And sometimes in the class. 😛 to prevent ourselves from dozing off.

It is food that we cannot live without. It is a comforting food when we are down.It is a companion that keeps us alert whole night long when we are cramming for tomorrow’s paper.It is a cheering food too! Yum yum!

Sometimes we being the rebellious brats will try to secretly break the rules by desert. It is a white fungus-barley- apple dessert. We are creative like that. 😛

Cooking in the room. Sh…cannot let uni’s authority find out about this. Can u keep this secret for me? There’s a saying, when in Rome, do as Roman do. The inner adventurous me had tried out the most exotic food here.

Tadaa, ulat sagu. Nope I did not have them alive. Instead,

I fried them to slightly char before swallowing them down my oesophagus. Em…yum. Any eatery in Bintulu that you would like to recommend to me? Remember, delicious, scrumptious yet reasonable-priced!