Another poll another disapproval of Abdullah leadership. Some 85 percent of respondents polled by Pollster Sdn. Bhd. recently on Abdullah said they didn’t have confidence in the present government’s economic policies.

According to Pollster’s analysis of the responses, economic policies of the BN in the wake of global financial downturn and fuel hike were seen to be ” too little too late”.

“The scattered subsidy strategies were perceived to be ad hoc responses like groping in the abyss of complex equations. The sudden rise cost of living overshadowed many of government’s longer-term remedies” Pollster statement said.

This it said was the reason an overwhelming 85 percent of respondents didn’t confidence in the government’s economic policies.

The online poll conducted for the last two months, polled about 500 people. More than half or 67 percent of the respondents also believed that a change in leadership would bring about positive changes and stability.

Abdullah is also perceived as less democratic – merely 19 percent said he is “more democratic and administratively transparent”. Generally respondents (86 percent) perceived Abdullah as weak, indecisive leaders.

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