A day after seen with Anwar Ibrahim, Dr Toh Kin Woon, a Gerakan central committee member has quit the party altogether. Among the reasons he cited was his plan to focus on non-governmental organisations.

Dr Toh departure is not at all unexpected. His independent views, relations with Anwar, have always put him at odds with his Gerakan top leaders.

“I feel if Anwar (is elected to) Parliament, the voices of the opposition will be stronger and the chances of strengthening the democracy and widening the democratic space will be better. For these reason, I support him,” said the academician-turned-politician to Malaysiakini yesterday.

Getting out of Gerakan was the only way for the former state executive councilor.

The effects of March 8 political tsunami is slowly eroding support for BN especially its component parties like Gerakan and MCA. On August 3, about 2000 MCA members applied to join PKR together with Tan Yee Kew.

Could this the prelude to the party pulling itself out of Barisan Nasional altogether?