The Syariah High Court here has allowed an application by a Muslim convert to declare himself as a non-Muslim.

Jeffrey also known as Abdullah and Or Boon Hua, 36, made the application on the grounds that he had not practised the Islamic teachings since converting to the religion 14 years ago.

Judge Datuk A. Rahman Yunus, said in his judgment on Monday that based on the testimonies of four witnesses, it was clear that Jeffrey was not a Muslim, having not practised the Islamic teachings since his conversion to the religion.

“As such, the court finds that the applicant is no longer a Muslim,” he added.

He ordered the Pahang Islamic Religious Council to annul Jeffrey’s certificate of conversion to Islam. Expressing regret over the matter, A. Rahman reminded Islamic missionary bodies to provide proper guidance to Muslim converts.

He gave Jeffrey 14 days to register his renouncement of Islam and at the same time for Islamic bodies to appeal against his decision.

In his statement of claim, Jeffrey, a contractor, stated that he converted to Islam only for the purpose of marrying a Muslim woman.

He converted to Islam on Jan 20 1994 and married the woman on Nov 16 1996.

He also said that after converting to Islam, and after his marriage, he did not attend any Islamic religious teachings nor was he taught the religion.

Jeffrey applied to leave Islam after divorcing his wife on Nov 27 2001. – Bernama