The series of events – either by pure coincidence or orchestrated point to one thing – our big brothers are watching and on the verge of making massive crackdown to curtail our media freedom. Otherwise why would they did all these:

  1. A popular book on Islam by respected Malaysian academician Prof. Norani Othman, sparking outrage among Muslim feminists and civil rights activists banned.
  2. Catholic newsletter faces closure because it plans to publish political commentaries and other current affairs issues that the authorities say are outside its scope – religion.
  3. Inter-faith forum on the plight of families converting to Islam, that was organised by the Malaysian Bar Council, was forcibly disrupted by Muslim fundamentalists while the authorities did nothing to protect the forum’s right to free assembly and speech.
  4. Senior court judge ordered prominent blogger to reveal his sources and identities.

Lawyers and civil rights activists say these events all point to a serious assault on freedom of media and expression on the Internet, in forums and in the mainstream media.