Khairy Jamaluddin, Rembau Member of Parliament but widely known as SIL (son-in-law) in the blogoshpere is slowly being stripped at Permatang Pauh. Someone apparently managed to get hold of his rather funny, girly (depend on how you look at it) – photos taken not so long ago in college and share them here and here.

At first glance you won’t recognize the face in the photo. KJ was rather dark then.

These photos are are making their around in Permatang Pauh election where KJ is campaigning with Pemuda Umno for the Umno candidate Arif Shah. I tend to agree with Rockybru that there aren’t too many issues to fire up the campaigning at Permatang Pauh.

In their desperation to safe the fast sinking ship, BN leaders have no qualm resorted to use dirty tactic such offering scrap metal collector’s license and use taxpayers hard earned monies in exchange for a vote. Somebody from Penang should urged Koh to stop working as one of BN (rather Umno) coolies and abandon the ship altogether. The soonest possible to avoid Gerakan being drowned.

I almost cough out my coffee when I saw Najib’s friendly reminder to the non-Muslim communities especially Indians and Chinese communities in Permatang yesterday afforded frontpage coverage by one of Sarawak dailies today.

Wah.. what do they have in mind doing all these? Are they trying to get the message across to the Dayak voters too – ie.,  if they want to continue getting business licenses and aids for their schools they should continue to vote for BN government.

Thank Rockybru