Not even Najib dare to talk about burying Anwar – but the SIL (son-in-law) did. Not because he is brave but rather for the sake of chasing UMNO Youth Chief chair perhaps.

We in Sarawak are watching closely what you guys at Permatang Pauh are doing. Do us a favor kick and bury Khairy and BN instead. We hope to do similarly come next state election here – kicking the tok uban out.

Reveal source of funds?

Khairy asked Anwar to reveal the source of his election war-chest?

“I am afraid that if Anwar is elected as a MP and forms a new federal government, our country will be sold to the United States. I want to know where his (election) fund comes from,” he said.

Khairy, before you asking Anwar where he got the money to campaign in Permatang Pauh – you should tell Permatang Pauh folks how you can become the ‘richest unemployed in the world‘? If you didn’t want to share with Kit the secret. Fine. Share with the folks.

I bet they are dying to know how you can accumulate such wealth without having to work doubly hard like the other 26 million Malaysians. Everybody want to drive the kind of car you drive – but only able to do so in their dream. In Sarawak only ‘tauke balak’ timber tycoon can drive such a car. But you’re not a timber tycoon either.

There’s another thing. Stop insulting Anwar Lah. I’m no Muslim but I remember the ‘Tuan Haji’ who taught me Tamadun Islam while in uni said it is against Islam teachings “mengaibkan saudara sesama Islam“?¬†Perhaps under the Islam Hadhari it is allowed – that’s why you and BN cooking the saifool sodo mee over and over again in Permatang.

Look at what your your FIL (father-in-law) have done to the people in Bintulu here. You should have told him not to raise the pump price that high.  This photo is taken yesterday Khairy! There hardly any people attending the festival and many of the booth owners complaint business is bad.