Selected readers comments on the Permatang Pauh by-election especially on Najib decision to rewards those supporting Barisan Nasional with goodies such as scrap metal collector’s license and funds for their schools.

Dr Suresh. What a joke. Indians will be given scrap metal license. Let me remind all readers here especially the Indian readers, some time ago this same shameless UMNO led govt placed so many obstacles for the Indians to get this scrap metal license, as UMNO felt that the Indians were controlling this field. Now this desperate regime is offerring license to the very Indians they denied due to arrogance and complacency. I have a couple of Indian friends who were involved in this business who came up the hard way only to be denied their progress by this racist UMNO putras.

I hope my fellow Indians will not buy this latest UMNO bullshit. They may offer a few licenses in the short term but in the long run they will make the Indians a scrap again. So beware my fellow Indians,dont let this racist regime hoodwink you again. 50 years of hoodwinking is enough. Vote wisely keeping in mind the future of your children.

Give Anwar a chance and if he fails us,we can dump him in the GE. After all we Indians not going to lose much,as we gained nothing much from UMNO led BN regime. Wish all Mlayaisans well.Happy voting for truth,fairness and honesty.

patek1472 – Predictions on 10 Possibilities In Malaysia after the Permatang Pauh

  1. Is it possible that DSAI wins the Permatang Pauh elections and become the next Chief Minister of Penang as a stepping stone to becoming Prime Minister?
  2. Is it possible that DSAB resign as PM of Malaysia after the Permatang Pauh elections and handover to DSNTR (Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak) earlier than expected?
  3. Is it possible that UMNO and PKR will combine to form a new party?
  4. Is it possible that all other component parties of BN without UMNO will combine with PKR to form a new party?
  5. Is it possible that PKR and PAS will combine to form a new party?
  6. Is it possible that PKR, DAP and HINDRAF will combine to form a new party?
  7. Is it possible that TDM and all other Little Napoleons knows of these possibilities and are preparing to migrate?
  8. Is it possible that DSAI is charged and disqualified as Member of Parliament after winning the Permatang Pauh election?
  9. Is it possible that there will be another by election in Selangor or Perak?
  10. Is it possible that there will be new religious parties formed besides PAS eg. Christian, Buddhist, Confucianism, Hindu, Bahai, Sikhism, Judaism or other beliefs?