The Permatang Pauh by-election dubbed as mother of all by-election get minutia coverage by both the new media (bloggers / social media) and the mainstream media.  The mainstream media such as Bernama, NST, The Star included, coverage are often bias toward the government.

I thought Bernama being the national news agency should have made a more neutral reporting. However that that not entirely true – especially in the Permatang Pauh by-election. Take this report “Anwar appear increasingly worried as by-election approaches” for example.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who was initially fully confident of winning the Permatang Pauh seat, appeared to be increasingly worried about the eventual result as the by-election approaches. With only two days left, Anwar kept reminding his supporters not to be too confident but be extra careful in their efforts to win the by-election for PKR.

However my random check on videos of Anwar’s speeches or ceramahs, blog posts paint an entirely different picture. Many of them described the former DPM is more relaxed albeit tired as the D-Day approaching including Susan Loone (who is a reporter as well as blogger in her own right) :

At Guar Perahu last night, Anwar shared several light moments with his supporters, arriving past 11pm, looking calm in his cream Baju Melayu and songkok, and greeted the crowd in his usual style – in Malay, Chinese and Tamil.

The crowd, which covered the field from corner to corner, lining up the roads outside Taman Guar Perahu braved the heavy drizzle and remained attentive and animated even way past midnight.

Not too far away from the ceramah site, food stalls were buzzing away with customers. A mini pasar malam, the usual activity accompanying political talks, was in the works.

There were many youths, women, children and senior citizens among the 4,000 strong crowd.

Compare this to a function with deputy prime minister Najib Tun Razak at Simpang Tiga, Kubang Ulu. There was entertainment (by Kelantanese cultural group Dikir Barat), and lots of ‘yummy’ food and drink.

My friends who attended the event joked that the satay sticks were alot more than the crowd, which numbered about 400. And the crowd was a ‘hungry’ one.

Compare PKR’s crowd also to the Guar Perahu operations centre for UMNO a few yards away. It was deserted save a few souls who were there having a meeting. I almost felt sympathy for them.

Because of this bias reporting many of us still flocking to the new media including blogs for information – although we should have relied on the mainstream media especially public fund organization such as RTM. This whole thing ought to be changed. As former Gerakan member Toh said ‘we are not supporting Anwar personally – but we agree with his aspiration for a change in this country’.

To do that let’s hope the folks at Permatang Pauh will not be easily bought over by offer of scrap metal collector’s license or funds for schools. That’s our right, our monies for goodness sake. We shouldn’t be bribed using our own money (taxpayers money)

Remember when you go to the ballots box comes Tuesday you can change all these for the better. Go and bury KJ100 and Barang Naik government forever. Never again we let that flip flop Lah raising and then slashing fuel prices at his fancy and whim.