The former Deputy Prime Minister described his triumph in the Permatang Pauh by-election as “the second political tsunami” and said it was the people’s victory in his blog.

Anwar raised Wan Azizah hand after he won Permatang Pauh by-election (Photo: Abd Rahim Rahmat).

“This election has been won due to the commitment and courage shown by the people.

“People want change for freedom and justice. They want the economy to benefit all,” Anwar said while addressing supporters after being declared winner of the parliamentary by-election yesterday.

“They have rejected oppression and they are saying they do not want to be taken for granted any longer.

“The people have sent a strong message to the Government,” he said, adding that the people have rejected the unfair distribution of the country’s wealth.

He said his victory brought new meaning to the word “Merdeka”.

Anwar added that Pakatan Rakyat was bringing new hope to the people with its reform agenda.

“We will stick to our promise that the price of fuel will be reduced when we form the government.”

During a press conference later, Anwar said although the date of his swearing-in was at the discretion of the Speaker, he hoped to be in the Dewan Rakyat for Budget Day.

“I have promised the people that I would scrutinise Budget 2009 which will be tabled on Friday and as such, I should be sworn in tomorrow.”

With regards to Pakatan forming the government on Sept 16, Anwar reaffirmed that the planned takeover would materialise.