The government is allocating RM8.1 billion to increase basic amenities and infrastructure nationwide in the 2009 Budget, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi told Dewan Rakyat Friday.

When tabling the budget, the Prime Minister said RM1.8 billion is being allocated for Peninsular Malaysia, nearly RM3 bilion for Sabah and RM3.3 billion for Sarawak.For the Peninsular, over RM1 billion will be spent for projects involving 480 km of rural roads and 1,300 km of village roads.

A sum of RM280 million is provided for rural water supply, targeting 30,000 housholds and RM350 million for rural electricity supply, covering 3,600 households, he said. The Prime Minister also said RM65 million is allocated for 11,700 public amenities projects in the rural areas.

“Infrastructure facilities will enhance the quality of life of the rural community,” he said.


In Sabah, this include the construction of 266 km of federal and rural roads, benefiting more than 550,000 residents.

Among the major projects are the construction of Phase II Jeroco-Lahad Datu road, upgrading and repair works of Jalan Sandakan to Telupid, upgrading Phase II of Jalan Ranau to Tambunan, building the Semporna-Pulau Bum-Bum Bridge, replacing the dilapidated bridges in the interior of Sabah, implementing tourism and ecotourism projects, providing hospital and rural health facilities as well “Program Perumahan Rakyat Disewa”.


For Sarawak, 230 km of federal and rural roads will be built, benefiting more than 350,000 residents. The major projects include the construction of Jalan Penghubung to the Sarawak New Federal Administrative Centre, Jalan Nanga Buai to Ulu Sepak, Betong, Jalan Awat-Awat to Kuala Lawas, Jalan Tanjong Assam to Saribas, Bengoh Dam in Kuching, an integrated Waste Water Management System in Kuching, “Program Perumahan Rakyat Disewa”, tourism and eco-tourism projects as well as hospital and rural health facilities.