“Hey, have you been to bing cheng?

“ya, I really like to travel there. The food there is sooo niceee! Last time when we were there, my dad came back with 3pounds heavier!”

“er…not that bing cheng, it’s Ice City, ”

“hahahaha…” I can only laugh to cover my embarrassment.

I mistakenly thought my friend was talking about another bing cheng which is Penang in Chinese. Oh my. That’s how I first heard of Ice City

in Bintulu. After the first visit, I find my friends and I keep yearning of it whenever the weather is scorching hot. The ambience is comfy and homely.

Sausages, French Fries and Chicken burger that make up Set B is highly recommended by my friends while French Fries gets a thumb up from me. I think they sprinkle pepper and spices on the French Fries which make them taste so yummy. We ordered the second plate of that after finishing the first one.

The pricing range is from RM4.80 – RM8.00 which is actually very reasonable and affordable especially for us being a student.

I have seen many teenagers sitting in this café sipping and chatting away in a bunch. A place to bond your friendship I can say.

Just imagine, Outside is searing hot and you are staying indoors in an air-conditioned closure having snowy ice filled in your mouth…

Em…the feeling is indefinable and you got to find out yourself.