Anything is possible in this bolehland now. On the morning of ‘merdeka day’ I received rather hilarious sms that read (no offense intended – if so I apologized unreservedly):

Malaysia 2day :- Get Vietnamese workers, dogs missing
Get Bangla, Malays girls missing,
Get Chinese maids, husbands missing
Call the police, evidence missing
Call the witness, whole family missing
Found medical reports, doctors missing
Government changed, funds and documents missing
Choose Anwar as PM, Whole BN cabinet missing
Forward this SMS, U may be missing!
That is why Malaysia is call truly Asia!

Frogs and Kenyalang. reported a Sarawak parliamentarian has today (yesterday) spoken out strongly about the urgent need to end the long rule of the ‘arrogant’ Barisan Nasional government as rumours of potential crossovers pick up steam with Sept 16 only two weeks away. (You are required to subscribe to read the whole story by Malaysiakini as usual).

What caught my attention is the titled “Special Branch probes defection rumours: S’wak MP”. Why must special branch be involved in investigating ‘possible frogs’ or even better ‘kenyalang’ from Sarawak? Since when is defection become a crime? Why must they drag the police to be involved?

Malaysia Day – A Public Holiday. Prof. James Chin (a Sarawakian) recently pointed out – “for five million-plus East Malaysian brothers and sisters across the South China Sea, it’s only 45 years that Malaysia being formed not 51. They don’t really understand how you can miscalculate or misinterpret a historical date. 2008 minus 1963 is 45. There is no other answer”.

BN isn’t as strong as Abdullah trying to portray. They have only 140 MPs against Pakatan Rakyat’s 81. Anwar announcement that September 16, will be observed as Public Holiday in Pakatan Rakyat states will further undermine Barisan Nasional leaders credibility and show their insensitivity towards Sarawakians and Sabahans (refer Malaysiakini news report).

Currently, federal government had ignored and neglected the importance of Malaysia Day – since states in the Peninsular do not mark the day with a public holiday. Money may not the only factors we will see Kenyalang and frogs flying and crossing over comes September 16. There are other things – oil royalties, lack of development, sensitivities etc.