Bragging can be a good thing. Even better if you’re Anwar and about to topple a ruling government. Already, it generates a kind of reaction we’ve not seen for years after the ‘Ming Court’ opera.

This PRS guy could say he was half joking or telling half truth (but the fear is real) when he said:

“..This is just what I have been driving at for the past few weeks. It’s earth shattering don’t you think when Anwar Ibrahim is believed to be quietly enticing its component parties to pull out from the ruling coalition.

So I say BN please, for GOODNESS sake wake up before its too late. Do SOMETHING about it. The second echelon leaders are the people who work and campaign for the MPs,YBs and many of them are feeling that they are the ones not wanted by the parties. What happens when few divisions in the parties aligned to the MPs are disgruntled.

I can understand his excitement. PRS being the youngest kid in BN plus the never ending leadership tussle is very much vulnerable.  Don’t be surprise to see the ‘Kenyalang’ in PRS seen flying in drove over the South China Sea. The Senior Sng was rumor to be meeting Anwar several times this year for reason only those in PRS know better.

Anwar is expecting more than 40 MPs according to Malaysiakini news report. But it could be more than that. He could end up with one or two BN component parties from Sarawak on his side after September 16.

Umno recent mistreatment of it partners can only help boost Anwar chances. They can’t expect MCA, Gerakan and even MIC to be loyal – not after you repeatedly hurled the words ‘pendatang’ “ketuanan Melayu’ at them.  Equally you can’t expect Sarawak and Sabahan to say yes when you disagree to declare Malaysia Day as a public holiday in honor of them!.

I like what Dompok said recently when asked to comment on certain MPs from Sabah and Sarawak meeting Anwar.

“Umno MPs have met PAS leaders and why can’t Sabah and Sarawak MPs meet Anwar?”