These school kids will not be crossing this bridge again – if by-election is held any time soon as Barisan Nasional will be pumping millions to buy voters

After Permatang Pauh – now we’re heading to Pensiangan Sabah. Unlike Permatang Pauh Pensiangan is a remote area with no highway, no proper electricity etc. But the folks of Pensiangan can expect more election ‘goodies’ in few week as the seat now left vacant following Kota Kinabalu Court decision today.

According to Malaysiakini the decision by High Court judge Justice David Wong Dah Wah could pave way for a by-election for this constituency which was won uncontested by Kurup.

However recent amendments to the election laws allow Kurup to appeal the decision at the Federal Court. The petition was filed by PKR’s Danny Anthony Andipai, who was also a candidate for the seat.

Meanwhile, 41 or perhaps more MPs will be holidaying in Taiwan starting today. Let’s give them more holidays perhaps like voting them out next GE.