Both Abdullah and Anwar seems to be facing ‘acid test of their own‘ as September 16 looming on the horizon. Abdullah is facing an increasingly vocal and demanding partners in BN.

PM Abdullah Badawi

The last few days we have heard of Gerakan threatening about leaving BN and followed by the Youth wing of MCA. Both parties are the founding members of coalition government.

Much closer home – PRS is making himself heard too. Masing is rather disappointed at Abdullah for apparently forgotten about them in the budget 2009 and a share of GLCs (government-linked companies) wealth despite their contribution to BN (read Abdullah).

Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) feels that its contribution to the Barisan Nasional is immense and that it should be rewarded accordingly. PRS president Dato Sri Dr James Masing had asked that the party be given greater representation in the various government-linked companies (GLCs) and the post of chairman in at least one of the GLCs.

“The supreme council of PRS has asked me to pursue this matter wherever it is possible or wherever there are vacancies for PRS to be represented in GLCs not only in Sarawak but the whole of Malaysia.

“We will like to request for chairmanship in both state and federal GLCs, if there are one or two vacancies, to be allocated our party,” he was quoted to have said by Borneo Post after the party’s supreme council meeting at its Jalan Pending headquarters yesterday.

Masing, who is also the Land Development Minister, said the party had not been allocated the chairmanship of any GLCs, unlike the other BN component parties, ever since it was admitted to the BN in 2005.

“That’s why the party’s supreme council feels uneasy because the party is not recognised in that sense. To me, this is very small request by us for what we had done. Our contribution is very big to BN,” he said.