Refering to Anwar September 16 takeover plan still on Malaysiakini. Barisan Nasional (BN) government should be the last government to argue the morality of party cross-over, buy-over  ‘frog-over’ or ‘hopping’. Here some quick facts why:

Mahathir asked Tunku to hand over power. In the aftermath of the bloodbath, it was Dr Mahathir who set the power grab in train by demanding the Tunku hand over power. Ironically, it was also Anwar, who was then leader of the Malay Language Society at University of Malaya, who chorussed Mahathir’s line among Malay students.

There was a place coup subsequently, and Razak Hussein, Tunku’s deputy took over the reins of power. It was in 1969 that the ruling coalition lost popular vote in the general elections although it succeeded in holding onto the crucial two-third majority in parliament by a whisker by retaining 95 seats out of the 144.

Gerakan ‘invited’ to join BN. The lost of Penang state government to the new Chinese-based Gerakan prompted Barisan Nasional government to ‘invite’ Gerakan to join the enlarged coalition government. As the threat of PAS making increasing inroads into the Malay heartland,  an “invitation” was also extended to them. Then PPP – used to be popular opposition party in Perak founded by the Seenivasagam brothers also accepted the “invitation” to join BN after their founders’ demise.

‘Buy over’ of opposition MPs. In BN term it was an ‘invite’ – but we all knew it was ‘buy-over’. When BN almost losing power in Perak and Selangor after 1969 election –  they immediately ‘invite’ (buy-over?) a number of opposition members to enable them to form state governments in Perak and Selangor.

1990 PBS and Semangat 46. PBS under Joseph Pairin Kitigan crossed over to team up with Tengku Rzaleigh’s Semangat 45 to unseat the ruling coalition in 1990.  Unfortunately both were mauled and later they shamelessly made another crossover and re-joined BN fold.

There is valid reason to suspect ‘study tour’ of Taiwan or China sponsored by ‘BBC’ is an attempt to foil Anwar plan. Which of the current fourteen component parties in BN  (ie., nine are from East Malaysia – PBB,  SUPP, SAPP, PBS, LDP, PBRS, UPKO,  PRS and SPDP) you think have not had history of crossing over? Haha – make your guess.

If you’re looking at it close enough you’d see that  Anwar is essentially spoilt for choice to make up his numbers for September 16. Now do you think Anwar is merely ‘bragging’ about toppling BN on September 16?