Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is “utterly unhappy” with the statement made by Bukit Bendera Umno division leader Datuk Ahmad Ismail Monday. PM Abdullah said (quote):

“I’m utterly unhappy with the situation and I will take stern action over the matter,” Bernama quoted him to have said when asked to comment on a statement by Ahmad at a news conference at the Penang Umno office yesterday.

But I’m kinda used to the flip-flop PM behavior – so I won’t buy what the Bernama said. Just in case – tomorrow when he meet this ‘Mat Smail’ – another statement will be issued say he is ‘totally happy” with Ahmad explanation!

Same with Najib who said – the ‘frogs’ trip to Taiwan has nothing to do with September 16 in this Malaysiakini breaking news report!

To Gerakan Wanita, don’t waste your ladies time pursuing that Mat for anything can happen in this BolehLand. Instead of Mat, it is you ladies that could end up being ISAed for inciting racial sentiment.