The 71 Sarawak state assemblymen and assemblywomen 2011 line up. (photo/Paul Ling)

Sarawak is one of the states to record highest number of corruption cases according to statistic released by Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) recently.

State ACA director Mohd Yusoff Akope said a total of 453 people had been arrested for various corruption-related cases during the first eight months of 2008.

“Out of the 453 of those arrested, 49 of them have been brought to the court,” Yusoff Akope was reported to have said by Borneo Post.

Most of the corruption cases in Sarawak were from the management and professional group.

Sarawak ACA have so far arrested 16 individuals from the professional and management group; 14 support group; 12 private sector and 7 civilians.