Ukrainian parliament speaker Arseniy Yatseniuk officially announced the collapse of the ruling coalition on Tuesday after the pro-presidential Our Ukraine-People’s Self- Defence Bloc walked out two weeks ago.

“I officially announced the collapse of the coalition of democratic forces,” said Yatseniuk.

“I am obliged to fulfill my constitutional duty. This has been long expected, but for me it is extremely sad …the coalition was all but dead after no compromise was found in 10 days of talks,” he added, urging politicians to quickly find a combination liable to work.

The current coalition was made up of groups led by President Viktor Yushchenko and Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

The pro-presidential Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defence Bloc left the ruling coalition on Sept. 3 after Tymoshenko Bloc sided with the opposition Party of Regions to pass several laws that Yushchenko saw as a threat to his presidential powers.

Parliament now has 30 days to try and form a new ruling coalition. If those efforts fail, President Yushchenko can dissolve parliament and call a snap election.