Agitated by the persistent call for him to step (including his own cabinet minister) Abdullah said yesterday that whatever decision concerning his position as Umno president and the transition of power will be made by him personally. Look at the word he used ‘personally’. Quoted from Bernama:

“Because the (divisional) meetings have not started, and whatever things that I need to do, whatever action that I will take, it’s all up to me. “I will talk to (Deputy Prime Minister) Datuk Seri Najib (Tun Razak), there’s no need to repeat,” .

Abdullah is no good for Malaysia economy
Abdullah still didn’t get it. He is no good for Malaysia economy, thus no good for people on the street just like me. His lackluster economic management will continue to haunt us all, as we struggle to survive over rising cost of living. Here is what he had done according to Wall Street Journal:

The prime minister has not introduced any substantive reforms during his nearly five years in office, preferring to rely instead on opening up the government purse. Under the Ninth Malaysia Plan announced in 2005, he expanded public-sector spending to 200 billion ringgit ($58 billion) annually from 160 billion ringgit.

In his Midterm Plan Review this year, he increased this outlay to 240 billion ringgit. The national debt now stands at 285 billion ringgit, up from 192 billion ringgit in 2004. The official fiscal deficit has risen to 4.8% of GDP this year, from 3.2% last year. Revenue is being spent faster than it is coming in.

In summing up what Abdullah had achieved since took over the country leadership and Minister of Finance portfolio the Journal said “Malaysians have had to pay for his poor stewardship through higher prices, stagnating wages and growing private sector debt.”

In the words of Tun Dr Mahathir the former premier ‘Abdullah can’t manage finance’ (read Malaysiakini)